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A pilgrimage is a very important part of your life. Vaishno Devi visit is one such pilgrimage that every Hindu desires to do in their lifetime. It is a holy shrine of the holy vaishno Devi. Here the vaishno Devi Mata is supposed to fulfil every wish or hope that you can ask for. The place surrounding vaishno Devi is beautiful but the altitude makes it a difficult one. Helicopter services have made vaishno Devi a comfortable and easy one.


Vaishno Devi is located inside a very holy cave which is a significant place lying among the three mountains known as the Trikuta. This place is advisable to travel with the vaishno Devihelicopter services. The three peaks surrounding the cave is the perfect destination that you would aspire to visit. Vaishno Devi is a place where devotees can only with blessings and dedication. Millions of prayers are sent here every day. Annually one crore visitors are presently visiting this place. Unflinching faith attracts the devotees to fulfil their wishes. India and over the world are aware of this place. It is considered as one of the holiest place in India and is considered as very powerful and important.

Vaishno Devi Helicopter serviceis the only option for visiting due to its altitude and different trekking conditions. Its altitude is 5200 ft. which is impossible for everyone to trek. At katra which is the base camp for vaishno Devi is the meeting place for the yatris. The yatris keep belonging in this base camp and start trekking the 12kms that is safe. You can comfortably trek the safe 12 km to reach the helipad from where you can board the helicopter. The cave named as sanctum sanctorum gives visit to those who covers up the whole distance. People face a lot of difficulties but with regular helicopter services the journey becomes a comfortable one. The helicopters are specifically designed for 5 individuals at once.


Mata vaishno Devi helicopter services are available on intervals but the tickets are not affordable by all. Only those who can afford can use the helicopter services. Previously till March 2017 the tickets were priced at 1170 rs per individual. The Mata vaishno Devi board after proper discussion reduced it to 1070 per person to provide some ease to the tourists. The ticket decision was taken by the board considering the millions of tourist consisting of various categories of individuals. There are several service providers but the charges applicable are same for all the service providers. The service providers are not allowed to decide their helicopter prices but a standard price is designated for all. After vaishno Devi helicopter tickets are booked the return and refund process cannot be processed.

The vaishno Devi helicopter tickets vary in the case of senior citizens, children and physically handicapped. For every normal adult the price is rs 1070 but changes happen for the disabled and senior citizens. There are also several vaishno Devi helicopter tickets that are kept for the people who are true devotees but cannot afford the tickets. The sick and the needy are always given extra privilege by providing free helicopter rides. The armies or any notable personality is not given any extra advantage as everyone is equal in front of god. 1070rs per individual is the one way fare and does not include return ticket. The helicopter covers the whole distance within few minutes. The price of thevaishno Devi helicopter ticket is totally worth the visit and the blessings that you actually receive.


There are several Mata vaishno Devi helicopter packages that not only help you in reaching vaishno Devi but come with various other facilities.Mata Vaishno Devi helicopter packages with the Patnitop- this package includes 5 days which covers Delhi and Jammu. With this package you can do the Darshan of vaishno Devi temple. You get to stay in Devi grand resort with free meals. Transfers, food and lodging are included.Vaishno Devi Darshan package in attka aarti – staying at panchvati, breakfast and includes one major meal. Katra and sanjichat night stays are included. Jammu airport pick up and drops are provided. Darshan is the main priority of this package.

Helicopter and Amritsar package – the main attractions is picking up and drop off to the vaishno Devi temple. 2 nights in vaishno Devi katra is allotted. Amritsar is an added facility given in this package where you get to spend one day in Amritsar. Food is provided with travel allowances.Vaishno Devi helicopter package is the package which includes only the vaishno Devi Darshan. This is the suitable package if you only wish to visit vaishno Devi. The helicopter return tickets are provided. Food and staying arrangements are allotted to you near the temple itself. With proper assistance and guide the Darshan is given full priority to.


Mata Vaishno Devi helicopter bookings are the first thing which you should do if you plan to visit. The helicopters are available in smooth intervals but due to the huge crowd travelling tickets become unavailable. Each helicopter carries only 5 passengers at a time hence booking becomes a troublesome job. The booking can be done offline or online through the various tourist sites. By choosing the best authentic booking site you can get the booking done.Tickets once booked cannot be refunded back. You can visit theMata vaishno Devihelicopter services by producing electronic tickets or manual tickets. Generally 3 months prior to travelling date the booking needs to be done to ignore harassments.

While doing the booking the names, contact numbers, identity proofs everything needs to be produced. There is always strict checking before you board helicopters. If you have any serious illness then reporting from before is a necessary step.Vaishno Devi attracts huge crowd who are true devotees of Mata vaishno Devi. To get answer to your prayers you should visit vaishno Devi. The helicopter services have made it so easy to reach the highest peaks so quickly and comfortably.